WaterBear Design Ltd.

78 York St, Marylebone, London W1H 1DP, England United Kingdom

Posted by ILTEX on 2019-04-06 08:25:59

Inspiration is all around us. It just so happens we found ours in nature.

The microscopic little critter called a Waterbear is a bit of a hero in our camp.

It keeps going under pressure that would crush species a hundred million times its size.
It can operate in intense heat and still keep its cool.
It can even go 10 years without food and drink and survive in space for crying out loud!

So our namesake has given us a bit of living up to do.
We’re a happy combination of commercial thinkers and creatives who understand how to use design to drive sales.
We believe in excellence, it’s the only thing that really stands the test of time.

We’re a diverse but flexible bunch.
Nimble on our toes and fast to morph into the perfect team to suit your needs.
You want dynamic. You’ve got it. You simply need extra support. You’ve got that too.
Everything we design is crafted with commercial insight, creative flair, and passionate commitment.
And a bit of love.

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